Background - CIT

CIT – background information and overview

Some stats to start with:

  • The failure rate of Cavity Wall Insulation installations originally inspected by the BBA under ECO Technical Monitoring is over 65%. Approximately 40% of these failures will be technical and the remainder related to incorrect carbon scoring.
  • Many of these failures are related to basic suitability for filling hard-to-treat cavities or non-traditional buildings.
  • Solid Wall Insulation failure rate is higher at around 80%, of which 50% are technical failures.

The above figures show that for some time there has been avery real need for independent investigation and assessment services to address the increasing number of issues concerning insulation retrofits all over the UK. CIT was set up by the BBA to accommodate this need.

Challenges & Conflicts
In particular, Local Authorities and Housing Associations are naturally concerned with the well-being of tenants and It takes dedication to make sure that the people who live in their area are comfortable and happy with the services they provide, like insulating their walls for instance.
But sometimes getting retrofits right can be challenging. In recent years the differentiation between installation and inspection has become confused. Increasingly, cavity wall insulation installers may also be in charge of surveying the property which they also recommend for a refit or a cavity cleaning procedure, this presents a conflict of interest. If Property Assessors are directly employed by Installers, they should be subject to routine quality checks, if not, there is no scrutiny by third party Property Assessors and their activities are simply accepted at face value.

That’s also where CIT comes in.

Our services deal with this and all aspects of failed building retrofits and we are currently working with Local Authorities and Housing Associations all over the UK, as well as a number of other bodies and organisations who have similar concerns about the causes and ramifications of failed installations.

CIT is part of the BBA Group.

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