Dispute Resolution - CIT

Dispute Resolution

Poor installations?

Have your suppliers failed to deliver on their promises or contracted obligations mid-delivery or post installation?

Trying to resolve tenant complaints?

Legal proceedings threatened or pending?

You need the independent technical expertise offered by the BBA CIT team.

We know that your organisation will be doing everything it can to achieve effective and efficient insulation retrofit housing projects, but when problems arise that you can’t resolve that’s when BBA CIT can assist you.

If there are problems that you are managing which, left unresolved, could potentially harm your tenants, housing stock or the reputation of your organisation, our independent investigations can help facilitate a resolution and solve any outstanding disputes. Throughout the country, many local authorities and housing associations have benefitted from the services provided by the BBA CIT team through our extensive knowledge of cavity & external wall insulation retrofit systems, installation practices and maintenance requirements. Whether disputes are of a legal or non-legal nature, we can assist you with their resolution by providing independent technical advice and expert reports generated from our property investigation methodology.

Litigation is on the rise as a result of poor quality installations and related property defects generating tenant and homeowner claims. Where your organisation is subject of threats of legal proceedings, our high quality technical reports are available for use in court, and we have un-matched experience of providing witness services in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules.

You may also be experiencing difficulty getting your guarantee provider to give guidance on how to proceed with the use of that guarantee. It’s worth knowing that CIT can help with that as well.

If you need assistance with the resolution of a legal dispute and require independent expert technical services, please contact us.