CIT delivers technical insulation training to Powys County Council - CIT

CIT delivers technical insulation training to Powys County Council

A significant number of properties have had cavity wall insulation installed over the years. However, many areas of Wales experience high levels of exposure from the prevailing South Westerly winds, which can be severe and drive rain through the outer leaf of properties. Where a wool based insulation product has been installed, there are two dangers, both of which cause damp, mould and/or condensation in the property. Firstly, water absorbs into the material causing it to slump in the cavity and thus create a cold bridge. Secondly, the water works its way through the inner leaf of the wall causes damage to the property and potentially to the residents’ health. With this in mind, Powys County Council engaged Consultancy Investigation and Training (CIT) to deliver expert led training to enhance the knowledge of their surveying and maintenance officers on issues relating to the installation of External Wall Insulation (EWI) and Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI).

The training instigated by Powys came about after speaking to their staff who shared a desire to improve their knowledge of current installation methods for installation retrofit systems, including housing stock suitability assessments. This expert led training session designed by CIT, was developed to educate and enhance Local Authority and Housing Association employees with an improved understanding of how to identify, manage and resolve housing stock technical defect related issues.

The technical training was held with a team of 10 maintenance officers and surveyors and was conducted over two-days, with both classroom-based and onsite sessions assessing a sample of their housing stock.

CIT can advise and provide help on the content and design of specification and tender documents, guarantee requirements and maintenance plans for housing stock. From tactical, short-term requirements to long-term planning, CIT has the knowledge, expertise and reputation to help reduce your costs and improve your confidence in the health of dwelling stock.

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Published 11th December 2018