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Condensation and damp – the importance of thorough investigation

First invented in the 19th century and introduced in its current form into general housing during the 1970s, wall insulation is arguably one of the best heat and energy saving developments in history. But, as you may well know, it’s not without its issues, and in recent years those issues have escalated to a level which needs to be addressed by experts. Many properties in the UK have fallen victim to the effects of damp, mould and condensation problems and many of these have their roots in wrongly installed insulation retrofits, either on the inside or the outside of the building concerned. Some problems on the other hand are not caused by the actual insulations but are the result of related factors like poor ventilation and lack of sufficient airflow throughout the building.

Having eliminated the possibilities of lifestyle factors contributing to damp problems, further investigations and assessments need to be undergone to look at any past procedures and retrofit interventions that have been introduced to the property in the form of cavity wall insulation or external wall insulation.

CIT provides a suite of investigation services that cover all these possibilities, offering detailed reports on inspections with professional advice on the best way forward for remedial action. In particular, we are working closely with Local Authorities and Housing Associations all over the UK to help with housing stock investments and also to significantly reduce the number of poor or ill-advised insulation retrofits. Look around this site to find out more about these services as well as our CIT expert training programmes for LA and HA staff, which CIT put in place recently to give further assistance in an increasingly complicated and sometimes exasperating area.

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