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Problems on the outside can be just as bad as those on the inside

Local Authorities and Housing Associations throughout the UK are dealing with the consequences of EWI companies going into liquidation, or properties that are stressed or failing due to inadequate installation or poorly performing product.

CIT now offers a reliable, independent investigation service that provides comprehensive, detailed and conclusive reports on installation sites that have sadly fallen victim to company insolvencies or inadequate workmanship.

In the event of abandoned installations due to company liquidation, we can provide individual property reports which include:

1. A detailed comparison and assessment of the current condition of the partially installed insulation, with the issued BBA Certification and design specifications. We use this assessment to establish the value of the work completed as a percentage of the total of the retrofit.

2. A conclusive report that determines whether or not a partially completed installation is a suitable foundation for continuing the installation to the point of completion. We use this to establish an estimate of the costs necessary to complete the installation to a ‘guarantee-able’ standard, noting that a guarantee may not be available.

3. A report which determines the suitability of the selected EWI system used at the property, including an explanation if the EWI is deemed unsuitable. We provide details of any third party damage caused either through a) delays, b) the installation of an inappropriate system, or c) poor installation practices and use this information to establish an estimated cost for remediation.

In the event of abandoned installations due to inadequate installation or poorly performing product, we can offer an investigation service to include a detailed report, with a full explanation of our findings augmented with photographic evidence covering:

• The suitability of the property for the system installed.
• Remediation works required to ensure suitability.
• The condition of the installation at the current stage.
• Condition of the installation pertaining to the issued BBA agreement certificate.
• Remediation works required to ensure compliance with the issued BBA certificate on completion.

The BBA has extensive knowledge of building insulation processes and its expertise in this area is second to none. In all instances of incomplete or abandoned installations, BBA reviews are fully independent and, as a consequence, ultimately dependable. Using our assessment services to counter problems arising from company liquidations can save money in the long run, easing the burden on long term budgeting.

Getting in touch

If you decide to progress with CIT inspection, one of our specialist external wall insulation surveyors will visit your property to establish its suitability with regard to specific construction characteristics, details of pipework, external fittings, organic growth etc., talking you through each step of the process.

The key issue often associated with external wall insulation is damp. If you already have a problem with this, it will need to be rectified before the insulation is installed, otherwise you run the risk of trapping the damp inside the wall structure and making the situation worse.
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