Insulation-focused Stock Condition Surveys - CIT

 Insulation focused housing stock surveys by the experts

There is a growing requirement for many Local Authorities and Housing Associations to provide information on the performance of insulated properties. Having a detailed insight into current stock status can be helpful, not only for their own immediate use but also for responding to Government reviews that check the efficiency of housing stock operation, against fuel-poor related criteria. It also helps with the development of short and long-term maintenance budgets, and costs for future repairs can be allocated more efficiently and well in advance, so that it’s easier to establish a better medium and long term housing stock strategy. Loan applications and Insurers are also more easily dealt with, as well as potential liabilities in legal circumstances. In addition, housing stock reports can enhance the chance of success when these organisations are competing for grants to help with stock development and/or repair. And ultimately, housing stock surveys go a long way to Improve tenant satisfaction, also allowing the appropriate authorities to give advance notification about potential repairs and manage any temporary relocations more effectively when needed.

Using expert-led inspection methods, the CIT produces reports which provide the following information:

  •  Details of general property attributes.
  •  Details of structural defects.
  • Fitness standards including potential for cavity wall or external wall insulation, with details of those that do not meet installation requirements.
  •  An independent, written review of an existing post installation report, which checks efficiency, accuracy and quality and gives our overall recommendations accordingly.
  •  Inspection of condensation and damp issues with associated recommendations, incorporating a ventilation assessment.
  • Smoke and ventilation safety recommendations.
  • Expert opinion and evidence for any legal proceedings.

We would recommend CIT independent housing stock reviews as the best way to stem potential problems and successfully accommodate the needs of local communities.