Technical Consultancy - CIT

Technical Consultancy

Part of the BBA Group, Consultancy, Investigation and Training (CIT) has access to a team of experts with decades of experience in building and construction. As such, we can offer unrivalled consultation services for individuals or organisations who need help and advice.

Our expertise has been invaluable in the development of our training programmes for local Authorities and Housing Associations, which have now acquired knowledge and information that assists them when making important decisions about housing stock and the people and properties they look after.

There may be many complexities associated with housing stock of all kinds, but a good technical understanding can be a real help when you’re dealing with all the different considerations involved. Our independent consultants can help clear up any technical questions and discrepancies, and bring real peace of mind to a multitude of professionals, including property managers, Local Authority or Housing Association staff, government department personnel, legal practitioners and, of course, home dwellers.


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